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The Peggy Hoag Group

The Peggy Hoag Group is a trusted and respected team of professional real estate brokers and support personnel with more than 60 years of combined real estate experience serving the neighborhoods of the greater Portland/Vancouver and gorge regions.

Our team is comprised of individuals selected for their care, attitudes, talent, and skill set.  Each agent is placed in the capacity to best serve our clients' specific need. Knowing that the details of marketing and paperwork are being well attended to by her team allows Peggy to do what she does best: be available to her clients whenever needed, represent and negotiate on their behalf. With Peggy’s leadership supported by a great team, clients receive the real estate experience they deserve. Whether looking for a buyer specialist to find your dream home, or ready to sign on to sell your home, The Peggy Hoag Group welcomes the opportunity to make your real estate experience a great one!

Meet Peggy Hoag - Principal Broker Licensed in Oregon and Washington

Peggy is an entrepreneur to the core. After successfully growing her photography business into a production company in Sydney, Australia, the 5th generation Portland native returned to her hometown in 1991 at the age of 27. “As I generated the business for my photography and production company, I learned early to listen to hear instead of to listen to reply. I learned I was good at bringing in business,” she says. Armed with hands-on experience building a client base, a history of impeccable service to her clients, and a linear approach to success in business, Peggy selected real estate as the industry she would take by storm.

 There was no magic required to becoming a top broker, Peggy asserts. “Dependability is everything. In addition to being able to bring in business, I knew how to exceed client expectations. The vast majority of people want to buy or sell a home at some point in their lives. Homes are a high value item, so real estate made sense to me for my next venture.” Peggy began to establish a reputation in Portland as the top agent for people relocating to the region. “I went to a couple of relocation companies and asked what I needed to do to earn their business. They said I needed to know the four quadrants of Portland inside and out. At that time, most brokers only worked—or farmed—one neighborhood,” Peggy recalls. “I did what they asked; I set out to build my business in all four quadrants of town, and soon I added Clark County and the Gorge to my sphere.”

Relocating clients became Peggy’s focus. She applied that focus to helping home sellers. To accomplish her goals, Peggy recognized the importance of marketing. “Maximum exposure is how you get top dollar. You get maximum exposure through marketing. When you market properly, the greatest number of people see the home. The higher the number of people that see it, the sooner it sells, resulting in a higher sale price,” she states. “It is an incredibly logical process. I love the sheer business side of it.” Armed with this knowledge, Peggy crafted an exceptional marketing campaign that is used for every home sale.

Superb customer service is what Peggy and her team consistently strive for. “I continually ask myself, ‘How can I help my client?’ My goal is to help solve a real need in my clients’ lives.” With this in mind, Peggy has assembled a team with more than 60 combined years of real estate experience. This team crafts market updates each month for every client to keep them current on real estate activity in their neighborhood.

An excellent customer experience, Peggy believes, includes excellent food! Peggy’s favorite way to connect with clients is to prepare gourmet meals for them in her home. Sangiovese wine from her vineyard on the Columbia River is often served. Clients also receive invitations to her annual harvest event each year. There’s no denying Peggy is a savvy business woman, but she remains inimitably down to earth when discussing her unparalleled success as one of the top brokers nationwide.

With over two thousand home sales completed since 1991, and a combined total of more than $600 million, Peggy has reached achievements most real estate agents only dream of. Although Peggy has no shortage of awards and accolades, she is constantly striving to improve and grow. “Our business tomorrow is only as good as our service today. It’s not what we did yesterday that matters; it’s what we are going to do tomorrow.” As for tomorrow, Peggy has her sights set on continuing to raise the bar of excellence in the real estate industry. “My business model creates an incredible experience for sellers and buyers. I want more people to have a satisfying real estate experience, and my team and I are here to make that happen.” 


Meet Alexandra Hanna Johnson - Transaction Negotiation Specialist

Hanna Johnson

Hanna was born and raised in the Northwest. She grew up on an organic herb farm in Trout Lake, Washington, and attended high school in Hood River, Oregon. While attending equestrian competitions all over the Pacific Northwest as a teenager, she developed a strong appreciation for the beauty of the region. In 2009, Hanna moved to Portland to study industrial design at the Art Institute of Portland, and thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the city.

Prior to joining Peggy’s team, Hanna gained diverse skills working as a horse trainer, a Certified Nursing Assistant and also working in the import/export industry. In 2015, Hanna met Peggy and actualized her dream of working in real estate. Over the last year, Hanna has played a part in every real estate transaction closed by The Peggy Hoag Group. Her knowledge of the listing and buying process, including paperwork and handling of files, helps her assist clients and makes her an asset to the team. She is excited to grow and develop her skills as a realtor under Peggy’s expert leadership!

Outside of work, Hanna enjoys spending time with her family, hiking, running, portrait photography, traveling, and cooking.


Meet Dave McGowan - Real Estate Broker Licensed in Oregon

Since becoming a licensed broker in 1987, exceptional client care has been Dave’s calling card. Over the past 28 years he has had the opportunity to be involved in all types of properties throughout the Portland-metro- area, as well as the north Oregon coast, and eastern Oregon. He believes that each and every property is unique, requiring different skills at different times. Whether helping a young couple land a first home in Portland or assisting a seasoned pro to quickly move a large acreage development or timberland, Dave brings the same professionalism, knowledge, and customer service to bear, while using the particular skills that circumstances require. Fostering exceptional service through our group efforts is one of his principal goals.

“This group operates like no other I’ve seen. Its emphasis on group service--with quick thinking, thorough specialists working in each critical area of business--is unsurpassed. This brand of high-impact teamwork functions smoothly and seamlessly, delivering the kind of exceptional customer service and support I’m proud to be associated with”.

Meet Carol Thayer - Real Estate Broker Licensed in Oregon and Washington

Carol joins our team from the Columbia River Gorge, where she raises alpacas and owns and operates an alpaca clothing and product store in lovely downtown Hood River. Prior to moving to The Gorge, Carol was an RN (Labor & Delivery, ICU), later taking those skills into Medical Malpractice trial defense work with Hoffman, Hart & Wagner firm in Portland. From there, she became an adjuster for such medical cases as she simultaneously built up the alpaca herd, eventually raising alpacas and managing her retail store full-time. Every week she meets travelers who have fallen in love with the  and want to move to the Pacific Northwest and the Columbia River Gorge, so she decided it was time to add real estate to her list of fun! She loves the rural property, farms, ranches, and orchards that surround the Gorge.

She lives on her alpaca ranch with forty alpacas in Glenwood, WA, at the eastern base of the magnificent Mt. Adams. Surrounding the ranch is a wildlife refuge that is home to hundreds of elk, sandhill cranes, blue heron, eagles, hawks, owls, geese, turkeys, and an endless bird-show. In her free time, she rides her bike around the Glenwood Valley, plays guitar, and loves to garden.


Meet Troy Redinger - Real Estate Broker Licensed in Washington

Troy comes to the team with extensive sales and service background. After growing up on a dairy farm in Hockinson, Washington, Troy went to Washington State University where he majored in English. During his college years, he became a firefighter and lived at the local fire department. After college, Troy went on to West Point to become an officer and parachutist for the Army. He lived throughout the United States, Germany, and Turkey during his journey to Captain.

After retiring from the military, Troy moved to Alaska and had a successful career in car sales. Having worked for several years in an industry that is largely distrusted, Troy has a unique perspective on satisfying the needs of the customer before the needs of the business. Ultimately, that environment led him to explore other sales industries, and he was drawn to the unparalleled customer service mindset of Peggy's team.

Troy thrives on adventure and adrenaline. He has flown planes, driven tanks, rafted the Grand Canyon, and kayaked the Sea of Cortez. His current source for adventure is taking his three children with his water ski boat to Lake Merwin.

Meet Elizabeth Terrall - Director of Communications & Human Resources

With experience in retail, Elizabeth knows all about satisfying clients’ needs. After graduating in 2015 from Thomas Edison State University with a Bachelor of Arts in English, Elizabeth was ready to take both her knowledge of customer service and dedication for excellence to a position in communications. She hit her dream job jackpot when she was recruited by Peggy in April of 2016. Her obsession for grammatical perfection and her deep interest in the psychology behind marketing perfectly combine to make her an excellent resource for the team.

Like many other members of the team, Elizabeth was born and raised in the Northwest. She is an avid animal lover, having been raised on a miniature farm in the coast range complete with goats, birds of all kinds, cats, and a dog. She married the man of her dreams, Stewart, in August of 2015. In her free time, Elizabeth loves to analyze movies, dream about writing an award-winning film script, cook incredible gourmet meals with her husband, and pretend to be a wine snob.

Meet Caleb Knezevich - Director of Technology & Marketing

Caleb brings his passion for both technology and customer service to the many marketing systems at The Peggy Hoag Group. He strives to craft creative marketing solutions that power both the listing and buying side of the business. Caleb originally began his career in IT, but soon discovered his love for marketing and advertising. He founded and ran a successful marketing agency in Portland for several years before transitioning to The Peggy Hoag Group. He is also involved in the local film community; his love for the medium and his attention to detail powers the video services that The Peggy Hoag Group offers.

Caleb loves giving back to his community. He started and ran a non-profit student group benefiting disadvantaged college students at several Portland Community College campuses, eventually winning the college’s Student Leader of the Year Award. Caleb enjoys watching thought provoking movies, kayaking Oregon’s many lakes and rivers, and wandering new cities small and large.

Meet Celia Anderson - Communications Specialist

Celia came to the Peggy Hoag Group after two years of teaching English overseas and three and a half years of working in retail. Her traveling experiences have made her appreciate the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Celia serves the team by assisting Elizabeth in the design and maintenance of business communications. Years after pursuing graphic design as a hobby, Celia is excited to put her knowledge to use on social media and marketing materials.

Celia's pursuits include snowboarding, literature, and language studies. She possesses Limited Working Proficiency in Mandarin Chinese. Celia is often found reading a book off her yearly reading list, of which science fiction is the most common genre. She is never happier than when cruising the mountain on a clear day at Mt Hood Meadows.