What to Look for in a Home for Auto Enthusiasts

Do you love cars and want to bring your hobby to the next level? Already have a car collection and need a property that can adequately house your vehicles? Just need a home that has lots of climate controlled space for your hobbies?

Homes for auto enthusiasts are a great choice for YOU. The combination of luxury, space, and utility make these homes the answer for car lovers.

What makes a good home for auto enthusiasts? 

The idea behind investing in an auto enthusiast home is this: invest in a space that will help preserve your car collection and allow you to enjoy your vehicles to their fullest.

For a home buyer looking for a home for auto enthusiasts, needs and desired features will of course be different. For instance, some car owners love working on their cars, while others prioritize artfully displaying their collections. For each of these home buyers, what they’re looking for will be different. Lucky for you, in the Portland area, there are options for any type of car enthusiast. You just need a real estate agent who knows where to look.

Why buy a home specialized for auto enthusiasts?

What defines an auto enthusiast’s home is what you believe is important, along with your imagination. With that said, auto enthusiast homes often have defining characteristics and features that make them valuable (even if you don’t have a 100 car collection). 

More garage space

The most sought-after feature in a home for cars is undoubtedly the space to house your precious vehicles in a safe space. Generally, this means a large garage that can fit multiple (or even dozens) of cars simultaneously. 

These large garages are often climate-controlled and feature other amenities such as built in kitchen, bar, big screen, or work areas. Given the Pacific Northwest’s wet climate and the tree-lined neighborhoods, having a suitable space for your cars will help retain their value and lead to fewer maintenance issues. You can also always have peace of mind that your cars will be safe and sound in a locked garage! 

Equipment to work on your automobiles

While any car owner is likely familiar with popping the hood to make some small adjustments, having an auto lift and other equipment to do real work on your vehicle is invaluable. For those of us who work on our vehicles, there is something about fixing and working on your car that adds a worth level of enjoyment.

Common equipment for a home car garage includes:

  • Auto lift
  • Workbench 
  • Extensive lighting 
  • Ventilation
  • Storage 
  • 3d printer 

Features to help you enjoy your vehicles 

For those that are more interested in driving and admiring than laboring away over a hot engine, there are plenty of reasons to want an auto enthusiast home. 

Many feature special areas of the home to display vehicles prominently, including the main rooms of the home! They also include home bars and lounge areas in the garage so that you can enjoy your weekend and evenings amongst your beautiful, artful vehicles. 

A larger luxury home and more space to store your toys

Along with bigger garages, auto enthusiast homes feature a stunning amount of space for you and your family. They are also tastefully designed and feature the latest appliances and features that one expects in a luxury home in the Portland area.

And even if you don’t have 10 cars to fill a 10-car garage, we’ve worked with many homeowners who buy auto enthusiasts homes to use the extra climate-controlled garage space to store other items or use as a hobby space.

This includes as a:

  • Storage space for ATVs, boats, motorcycles or other motorized vehicles
  • A woodworking or fabrication shop
  • Family office
  • Basketball court, home gym, or other recreational space

An aesthetic to meet your needs

While you might be thinking that auto enthusiast homes are just homes filled with Formula 1 memorabilia and car displays, auto enthusiast homes come in all styles. 

Most of the homes on the market were made custom for the original homeowners, and feature a large array of different styles. Some are large estates, while others are understated yet elegant ranches. 

Answers to your questions!

Do I need to be an auto enthusiast to buy an auto enthusiast home?

Absolutely not! These homes work great for any home buyer looking for a luxury home that also happens to feature a large climate-controlled garage. 

While some homes might be more geared towards auto enthusiasts due to car displays or garage features, these can be remodeled easily to better suit your exact needs.

Do homes typically include tools and/or machinery? 

Many do! Though it depends completely on the home and the homeowner what they include in the sale of the home. 

How many vehicles can auto enthusiast homes fit?

This also depends completely on the specific home. We typically define an auto enthusiasts home as any house with at least 6 spacious garage spaces on the property. That said, we have listed homes that offer room for a dozen-plus vehicles. 

See for yourself the majesty of these beautiful homes

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