Announcing: PEGGY HOAG REAL ESTATE Land Acquisition Department

PEGGY HOAG REAL ESTATE is excited to introduce our land acquisition department. The greater Portland metro area is growing rapidly as native Oregonians and newcomers alike seek to call the city “home.” Among Portland real estate brokerages, we offer a unique approach to local development. Working with a group of homebuilder and developer partners assembled over 27 years enables us to get our clients the most competitive price for their land.

Our strategy begins in our back office, where we compile the necessary research and documentation relating to your property. With this knowledge, we connect you with one of our experienced agents to show your property to our affiliate builders and developers to whom it is best suited. By identifying relevant parties and fielding several bids on each project, effectively building competition for your property, we learn more about what makes your land desirable for development. This often opens up exciting possibilities for our clients.

Through this process, several of our clients recently discovered that their properties can be subdivided, and they are allowed to build additional income-producing dwellings on their properties. One client learned that his rental unit was suitable for redevelopment, and that he was allowed to expand to up to a 20-unit multi-family structure.

The best part? We can often bring the best offer directly to you without a listing agreement. Some unique properties may require marketing to a wider group, making a listing agreement advisable. The information and research we provide are yours to keep, even if you sell your land with someone else.

Oregonians need a place to live, so if you own a home or land in or near the urban growth boundary (UGB) and would like to know if your property can be subdivided, zoned, improved, developed, and sold, give us a call. Our team can help you learn about your property’s potential, how you can benefit from this trend, and how you can pass along those benefits to your local community.