Make Goodness – A Poem to Inspire You


Make Goodness – A Poem to Inspire You

Make Goodness – With your time, with your life, with awareness, actions, thoughts, make goodness
today. Make the memories of today as positive as you can for as many people as
you can.

Do right now what will continue to feel good later. Create value that will keep on
echoing tomorrow, next month, a decade from now.

Live fully in the present moment while doing what will benefit moments to come.
Mix together some caring, truth, effort, wisdom and joy, and make new goodness.

What makes life rich is not how much stuff you possess or how many people you
control. The goodness you make is what will matter most when you look back on
this time.

Offer a small kindness, make a big difference, initiate a joyful experience. Show life
how much you treasure it by what you do today.

The world can gain from the good things you have to give. Make goodness, and
make life on this day a great thing to experience.

~ Ralph Marston

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