What’s My Home Worth?

Our complementary valuation reports are not auto-generated valuations such as those provided by Zillow. To offer you the most accurate home valuation report, we would need to see your home. Your home value report is built from public records, any information you provide, and our local real estate experience.


If you do not wish to have a broker visit at this time, we will prepare a custom report based on what we know about your home from public records and our local real estate experience.

Your Free & Comprehensive Report Includes…

  • Neighborhood Info

  • Nearby Sales & Listings

  • Comparable Properties

Our home sales are based on analysis, marketing, structured sales process, merchandising, marketing, communication, and our satisfaction guarantee. Over 2,100 completed transactions since 1991. Our results speak for themselves.


The secret to our success… How we price your home.

Your property’s value is not established by how much you have invested in it or by how much you want to sell it for. Nor does it matter what one agent or ten agents think.


The buyers in the marketplace at the time determine what value the market will bring for the home.


Who is the property more valuable to? A buyer in the marketplace or the seller? Whomever values the home the most will own the home.


Pricing is part art and part science.


Our approach to pricing your home for sale involves:


  • Comparing similar properties
  • Tracking market movement
  • Taking stock of present inventory


This is all in an attempt to come up with a range of value—an educated opinion.


Although no two valuations are ever exactly the same, they should be close enough to each other to establish a value. There is never a hard and fast price tag to slap on your home. Only an educated guess can be made, and ultimately it will be the market and the competition (other homes on the market in your neighborhood) that will dictate the price.

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