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Each member of the Peggy Hoag group has been selected for their integrity, experience and care.  Our 26 year commitment has been, and continues to be, to learn from you how we can help make your dreams come true.  We are here to create a real estate experience that exceeds your expectations.

Our Story

Peggy Hoag

 Designated Principal Broker

Licensed in Oregon and Washington

I am an entrepreneur to my core. In the late 1980s, I moved to Sydney, Australia and successfully founded and grew my photography business into a production company. Take One Productions is still in operation thirty-eight years later. When generating the business for my photography and production company, I learned to listen to hear instead of to reply. As a fifth generation Oregon native, I couldn’t stay away from Oregon for long. At the age of 27, I moved back to my hometown of Portland. Armed with hands-on experience building a client base, a constant focus on delivering impeccable customer service, and a linear approach to success in business, I selected real estate as my next business endeavor.


My foundational focus for the Peggy Hoag Group was to help people moving to our beautiful region. My initial goal was to develop a deep understanding of the community and cultural variations of each neighborhood and to share this knowledge with relocating families. I began by contacting multiple relocation companies and asking what I needed to do to earn their business. Their advice was to know the four quadrants of Portland inside and out. At that time, most brokers only worked—or farmed—one neighborhood. I did what they asked; I set out to build my business in all four quadrants of town, and soon I added Clark County and the Columbia Gorge.


Once I became successful working with buyers, I applied the same pragmatic approach to selling. I discovered that being active in these areas increased my ability to expose my listings to a large pool of buyers. This was an exciting discovery, and it propelled me to develop my unique marketing strategy. Maximum exposure is how you get top dollar. Maximum exposure is achieved through marketing. When you market properly, the greatest number of people see the home. The higher the number of people, the sooner the home sells, resulting in a higher sale price. It is an incredibly logical process, and I love the sheer business side of real estate. I’m also meeting a real need in my clients’ lives.


Superb customer service is what my team and I persistently strive for. I continually ask myself, “How can I help meet my client’s present need?” Our goal is to ensure that every client feels like they are our sole client. With this in mind, I have assembled a team of varied talents specific to the needs I see. We make each transaction personal; whether gifting bottles of wine from my vineyard in Horse Heaven Hills, staying in attentive communication on a schedule the client prefers, or taking clients out to lunch or dinner, I want to make each client feel special.


My team closes ninety transactions each year. The average broker in the nation completes six transactions per year. Magic was not required to become a top real estate broker and team; just a lot of dedication and continuous fine-tuning of our business model. We have achieved countless awards and over 2,000 home sales amounting to more than $650 million. With all these achievements, my motto remains, ‘Our business tomorrow is only as good as our service is today.’ It’s not what we did yesterday that matters, it’s what we are going to do tomorrow. I want more people to have exceptional real estate experiences, whether buying or selling, and my team and I are here to make that happen!

Dave McGowan

Principal Broker Licensed in Oregon and Washington

Since becoming a licensed broker in 1987, exceptional client care has been Dave’s calling card. Over the past 28 years he has had the opportunity to be involved in all types of properties throughout the Portland-metro- area, as well as the north Oregon coast, and eastern Oregon. He believes that each and every property is unique, requiring different skills at different times. Whether helping a young couple land a first home in Portland or assisting a seasoned pro to quickly move a large acreage development or timberland, Dave brings the same professionalism, knowledge, and customer service to bear, while using the particular skills that circumstances require. Fostering exceptional service through our group efforts is one of his principal goals.


“This group operates like no other I’ve seen. Its emphasis on group service–with quick thinking, thorough specialists working in each critical area of business–is unsurpassed. This brand of high-impact teamwork functions smoothly and seamlessly, delivering the kind of exceptional customer service and support I’m proud to be associated with.”

Carol Thayer

Real Estate Broker Licensed in Oregon and Washington

Carol joins our team from the Columbia River Gorge, where she raises alpacas and owns and operates an alpaca clothing and product store in lovely downtown Hood River. Prior to moving to The Gorge, Carol was an RN (Labor & Delivery, ICU), later taking those skills into Medical Malpractice trial defense work with Hoffman, Hart & Wagner firm in Portland. From there, she became an adjuster for such medical cases as she simultaneously built up the alpaca herd, eventually raising alpacas and managing her retail store full-time. Every week she meets travelers who have fallen in love with the region and want to move to the Pacific Northwest and the Columbia River Gorge, so she decided it was time to add real estate to her list of fun! She loves rural property, farms, ranches, and orchards that surround the Gorge.


She lives on her alpaca ranch with forty alpacas in Glenwood, WA, at the eastern base of the magnificent Mt. Adams. Surrounding the ranch is a wildlife refuge that is home to hundreds of elk, sandhill cranes, blue heron, eagles, hawks, owls, geese, turkeys, and an endless bird-show. In her free time, she rides her bike around the Glenwood Valley, plays guitar, and loves to garden.

Gina Alessi

Real Estate Broker Licensed in Oregon and Washington

When Gina saw a photo of Punchbowl Falls in one of her college biology books she knew she had to see it in person. The following summer she traveled to Oregon for fifteen days and fell in love. Life took her many places but when she was ready to put down roots as a single mother, she knew exactly where to go. She moved into Irvington, one of her favorite areas of town, and has been there ever since, having become a deeply involved member of the community.


Gina’s passion for Portland, people, and property made her transition from a career in management to real estate come naturally. While in management she fine-tuned her people and negotiation skills through negotiating contracts between large companies and medical providers.


With her calm, friendly demeanor, Gina enjoys guiding a diverse clientele of buyers and sellers  through the intricacies of real estate transactions from start to finish while staying focused on their individual needs. Finding the perfect home for each of her clients is so exciting. She has a great understanding of Portland’s micro-neighborhoods, from culture to coffee shops and schools, but her greatest love is inner Northeast where she is drawn to the vintage homes. She finds their detail, craftsmanship, and imperfections uniquely charming and soulful.


Gina loves adventure and has traveled to 43 of the 50 states and 12 countries so far, spending almost two years in India. When not working or traveling you can find her on daily walks through her neighborhood, hiking the nearby trails, acting as PTA Secretary at Irvington school, doing yoga, involved in the Irvington Home Tour, and hanging with family and friends.


She is always available to treat your referrals like family and considers it a privilege to be a part of each client’s story.

Yamuna Benedict

Real Estate Broker Licensed in Oregon and Washington

Yamuna was told her whole life that she should get into real estate. She clearly remembers her grandmothers voice when she was 22 years old telling her to get her license. Yamuna has been in Real Estate since 2017 and is a recent graduate of the KW BOLD training program. Her joyful spirit and attitude of service makes her a pleasure to work with.


Yamuna is an entrepreneur to her core, before entering real estate, she owned and operated an independent sales consultancy for 20 years. In her tenure as a veteran salesperson, she consistently exceeded sales goals and projections.


Yamuna also has a strong understanding of marketing, having spent 4 years as the marketing manager for “NIA Technique” a global fitness brand. Her responsibilities ranged from developing and marketing product lines, to launching a music label under the NIA umbrella.


Yamuna raised identical twin boys, who are currently attending college in the Portland area and are prominent members of the local Extreme Sports community.


Outside of work, Yamuna dreams of having her own movement studio. She envisions a space to bring people together and help get them into their bodies and out of their heads.

Robert Annalora

Real Estate Broker Licensed in Oregon

Robert Annalora was born and raised in Montana, where he graduated from Montana State University with a degree in accounting. He passed the Certified Public Accountants exam while attending school and holds CPA certificates in both Montana and Colorado.  After college, Robert moved to Denver Colorado where he lived for thirteen years.  He started his career as an auditor and small business specialist for the international accounting firm Deloitte, Haskins and Sells (now Deloitte Touche’).  Later, Robert joined the real estate development firm of Landon Investments Inc. as the Chief Financial Officer.  Landon Investments developed commercial properties, as well as, owned banks and mortgage companies.   While at Landon Investments, Robert worked as a team member developing a wide range of projects including, high rise office buildings, raw land amalgamations, shopping centers and sports complexes.   During this tenure, Robert was tasked with joining one of the subsidiary companies and becoming the President and Chairman of the Board for one of the controlled group of banks.   From there, he was recruited to join a partner company, The Denver Bronco Football Club, where he became the Special Assistant to the Owner, Patrick Bowlen, becoming Mr. Bowlen’s personal Chief Financial Officer and business partner.   While at the Bowlen group of companies, Robert saw the development of the Luxury Sky Boxes at Mile High Stadium, the current Denver Bronco Training Facility in Dove Valley, as well as, many commercial real estate projects in Colorado, California, Hawaii, and Alberta and British Columbia Canada.    Additionally, Robert was business partners with Pat Bowlen and John Elway in various business ventures.


In the mid-nineties, Robert moved back to his beloved Montana to resided in Bozeman, MT.  Once back in Montana, he founded and operated a successful Geosynthetic installation business for over 20 years. Robert’s company sells and installs plastic liners for a wide array of applications such as Landfills, wastewater treatment facilities, canals, fire suppression, and Oil and Gas applications.


Robert is the proud father of four wonderful children and loves spending time with them.  He moved to Oregon last summer where he has been enjoying all the outdoor  and urban activities Oregon has to offer.  Robert is a licensed Montana fly fishing outfitter and operated Rainbow Valley Outfitters out of Ennis and Bozeman Montana.  He is an avid outdoorsman, horseman/packer, well as, enjoys building and restoring classic cars and doing metal work.


Robert brings a wealth of sales and business experience to Hoag Real Estate, as well as, tremendous work ethic and a “get it done” attitude.  He is focused on customer needs and works diligently to make every interaction beneficial to his clients.  Whether you are a first time home seller/buyer or an experienced investor/developer, Robert will give you the top notch service you can expect from Hoag Real Estate.

Jasmine Swank

Real Estate Broker Licensed in Oregon

Jasmine’s genuine love of people and places makes her an effective listener. She finds that helping her clients move successfully into their next life adventure is so fulfilling. A homeowner since the age of 18, Jasmine has bought, sold, and developed her own properties and assisted in the rebuilding of a historic Astoria-area home from the ground up, so a real estate career was a natural fit. Jasmine’s background as a legal assistant for an estate and land use attorney has served her clients well in her capacity as a broker.


After obtaining working fluency in Spanish while a high school exchange student in Argentina, Jasmine entered the workforce as a bilingual executive assistant for a Northwest-based agricultural company. Always seeking new challenges, she started a marine canvas business as an outgrowth of her passion for sailing and an alternative homeschool co-op, now in its fourth year, for her then six-year old daughter.


An adventurer and entrepreneur by nature, Jasmine spends most of her life on the water and has been blessed with many sailing adventures. She has sailed from Hawaii back to her home state of Oregon, circumnavigated Vancouver Island, and sailed the Sea of Cortez and the west coast of Mexico for two years. She often jokes that her daughter was raised on a beach for two years, but that’s actually fairly accurate. Jasmine’s ten-year old daughter keeps her on her toes with her uncanny wisdom and readiness for new experiences.


“I joined Peggy’s exemplary team because the level of service I am able to provide clients is such a gift and second to none. Buying and selling real estate is always part of pivotal life transitions. It is my job to help my clients accomplish this with ease.”

Alexandra Hanna Johnson

Transaction Negotiation Specialist

Licensed in Oregon and Washington

Hanna was born and raised in the Northwest. She grew up on an organic herb farm in Trout Lake, Washington, and attended high school in Hood River, Oregon. While attending equestrian competitions all over the Pacific Northwest as a teenager, she developed a strong appreciation for the beauty of the region. In 2009, Hanna moved to Portland to study industrial design at the Art Institute of Portland, and thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the city.


Prior to joining Peggy’s team, Hanna gained diverse skills working as a horse trainer, a Certified Nursing Assistant and also working in the import/export industry. In 2015, Hanna met Peggy and actualized her dream of working in real estate. Over the last year, Hanna has played a part in every real estate transaction closed by the Peggy Hoag Group. Her knowledge of the listing and buying process, including paperwork and handling of files, helps her assist clients and makes her an asset to the team. She is excited to grow and develop her skills as a realtor under Peggy’s expert leadership!


Outside of work, Hanna enjoys spending time with her family, hiking, running, portrait photography, traveling, and cooking.

Nannette Troutman

Real Estate Broker Licensed in Oregon

Nannette began her career with a small business loan in her Tigard apartment in 1982. Within four months, her growing agency moved into offices in the Wetherly Building at the east end of the Morrison Bridge. From there, it flourished into the top, multi-million dollar talent agency in the Northwest.  She represented both models that were placed internationally and actors who would go on to Hollywood A-list careers. It was Nannette’s promotion of local talent that first drew the interest of Hollywood to the Northwest and created a stream of film work here in the 1980s and 1990s.


After moving to Hollywood and opening a satellite office there, Nannette transitioned to producing and casting as a CSA Casting Director. She was interviewed by E Hollywood, Discovery Channel, and Reelz TV. Hollywood came to a stop during the writers’ strike of 2000 to 2002, and Nannette shifted to the insurance industry. She traveled the nation and worked closely with HR directors and employees as she helped them to make informed decisions about their benefits. Many Indian tribes came to trust Nannette as she helped them understand an industry very foreign to them.


Nannette has known Peggy Hoag for over thirty-four years. When she learned of Peggy’s plans to form her own real estate company after twenty-six years at a prestigious brand, Nannette was enthused at the opportunity to be part of something very special. Nannette’s goal is to be attuned to the needs of each client so every experience is stress-free and remarkable. She is excited to bring her passion for people and her high level of integrity and ethics to the Peggy Hoag Group at Hoag Real Estate.

Christine Hahn

Director of Operations

Real Estate Broker Licensed in Oregon

Christine Hahn is our Director of Operations. A native Oregonian Christine began her career in real estate in 1999 after graduating from Portland State University with her Masters Degree in Education. Christine’s role within our organization is to oversee the day-to-day operations of the business and to support our agents and staff.   Having worked with some of top agents in the Portland Metro area Christine brings a valuable knowledge base to our team.


Christine enjoys living in Vernonia which is a small coastal mountain town, and spending time with her family which consists of 3 busy teenagers. She is also an avid reader and enjoys the outdoors.

Caleb Knezevich

Director of Marketing & Technology

Caleb brings his passion for both technology and customer service to the many marketing systems at the Peggy Hoag Group. He strives to craft creative marketing solutions that power both the listing and buying side of the business. Caleb originally began his career in IT, but soon discovered his love for marketing and advertising. He co-founded and ran a successful marketing agency in Portland for several years before transitioning to the Peggy Hoag Group. He is also involved in the local film community; his love for the medium powers the video services that the Peggy Hoag Group offers.


Caleb loves giving back to his community. He started and ran a non-profit student group benefiting disadvantaged college students at several Portland Community College campuses, eventually winning the college’s Student Leader of the Year Award. Caleb enjoys watching thought provoking movies, kayaking Oregon’s many lakes and rivers, and wandering cities small and large.

Celia Anderson

Communications and Graphic Design Specialist

Celia came to the Peggy Hoag Group after two years of teaching English overseas and three and a half years of working in retail. Her traveling experiences have made her appreciate the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Celia serves the team by assisting Elizabeth in the design and maintenance of business communications. Years after pursuing graphic design as a hobby, Celia is excited to put her knowledge to use on social media and marketing materials.


Celia’s pursuits include snowboarding, literature, and language studies. She possesses Limited Working Proficiency in Mandarin Chinese. Celia is often found reading a book off her yearly reading list, of which science fiction is the most common genre. She is never happier than when cruising the mountain on a clear day at Mt Hood Meadows.

Carlo Prejido

Marketing Assistant

Carlo was born and raised in the Philippines and had took up Nursing in college. In 2006 he entered the Real estate industry, working for JP Morgan Chase – Mortgage Banking for 10 years. During his tenure with JP Morgan Chase, he won numerous awards for his above average customer satisfaction ratings. Carlo climbed from his position as a Senior Specialist to Assistant Supervisor, were he oversaw account maintenance and customer relations.


Carlo has been with Hoag Real Estate for since 2017 as a Marketing Assistant and is assisting the team in executing it’s mission and vision to help people find a place they will call home.

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