How a Home on Acreage Can Change Your Life

Considering a vacation home out in the country? Need more space for your growing family? Looking to invest in a hard asset and hoping to connect to nature like never before? 

While you may be able to find luxury properties to your liking here in the Pacific Northwest, finding one that offers acreage and the land you need can be a lot harder. 

At PEGGY HOAG REAL ESTATE, we work with our clients to help them find invisible properties that are perfect for them and their families. If you’re considering a home on acreage, where you have privacy and peace, keep reading to learn more about how these special properties can change your entire lifestyle.

What is a property with acreage?

We define a property with acreage as any home with 2 or more acres. While that seems broad, we generally focus on properties that have another defining element that make them unique. Some common homes with acreage include:

These are homes where your family or friends can really take in the beauty of the Pacific Northwest and enjoy themselves. Given the rapid population growth here in Oregon and Washington, quality homes on large properties are becoming rarer. Get in on a piece of the action before it is too late!

Benefits to homes on acreage

Larger indoor space

The property that your home is on isn’t the only thing that will be bigger. Generally, big properties have big homes or the property is a compound.

While the main draw may be the land, these homes are generally built beautifully, are architecturally significant and designed for that specific site, whether it be a view property, waterfront. They typically have state of the art kitchens, spa bathrooms, and everything else you’d expect from a luxury home. Even the more rustic properties, such as some of our vineyards and ranches, offer a luxurious home that gives you all the benefits of rural living with the modern conveniences you’d find in the Pearl District of Portland.

These big homes also lend well to how they are often used: vacation properties. With many bedrooms and spaces built for entertaining, you’ll have a turnkey space for your annual 4th of July barbecue or Thanksgiving dinner.

Plenty of space for outdoor activities and outdoor living

And here is why we’re all here. These homes have lots of space for whatever you please. The world is truly your oyster! 

Many of these homes, such as vineyard properties and car enthusiast homes, have existing infrastructure built around a key concept. But that is not the case for all! Many will have a blank canvas in which you can build the outdoor living paradise you’ve always dreamed of. Some common uses for the space include:

  • Sports facilities such as a basketball, tennis, pickleball or volleyball court 
  • Pool and/or spa facilities
  • Stocked fishing ponds 
  • Large outdoor kitchens with firepits 
  • Airstrips
  • Hiking trails 
  • Shops

If you have a specific feature that you are looking for for your home on acreage, let us know! We’ll work with you to find just what you are looking for.

Room to grow

Once you have property to grow into, your approach to living changes. You don’t have to worry as much about moving to a new home just because you need space, you can simply add onto your home with a home addition. Need more rooms as your children have their own children? Adding onto your existing home or even adding a guest house is possible.

This is also true when it comes to outdoor amenities such as the aforementioned swimming pool and sports courts. Since you have the space already, achieving the amenities you want is just a matter of money, time, designing what you want and hiring a contractor to achieve it.


One of the key reasons for wanting a home on acreage is to maintain a level of privacy that is not possible when living in a closer-quarters community. Not only do you no longer have to worry about nosey neighbors, but you won’t have to worry about whether you and your family are making too much noise or are bothering anyone while entertaining.

Maybe more importantly, you won’t have to deal with neighbors making lots of noise and having them bother you. You’ll be able to enjoy your time on your property without worrying about others and what they are doing around you. This privacy is impossible without a home on acreage.

More serene lifestyle

In a similar vein, there is no better way to enjoy the Pacific Northwest than with a home on a large property. Generally speaking, these properties are located in absolutely stunningly beautiful parts of the region. This allows you to fully take in the mountains, beach, desert, or wherever your property is. 

Since your property will be the only one in the immediate area, you’ll be able to fully enjoy the wildlife and the peace generally only found by hiking for miles. For many, this is just a beautiful way to drink your coffee and read the newspaper while looking out over a beautiful view. It could also mean birdwatching right from your porch, or teaching your grandchildren how to fly fish on a stream running through your property. 

Short-term rental opportunities

While not a perfect option for everyone, homes on acreage offer desirable short-term rental experiences that people looking for lodging crave. Since these homes are generally beautiful, feature-rich, and located in some of the Pacific Northwest premier locations, they generally can be rented for a good price to respectful and reputable renters.

This can be done with little work on your end by working with a property management company to manage the rental process. While you can work with Airbnb and VRBO, many homeowners choose to work with local property management companies when renting their luxury properties. This offers a more selective renting process and requires less work on your end.

Let’s find you a life changing home of acreage

Whether you’re looking for a large vineyard property or a modest coastal estate, PEGGY HOAG REAL ESTATE can help you find a home that’s perfect for you. Peggy Hoag and the rest of her team have years of experience in the area weeding through properties to find our clients their version of gold.

Contact us today to get started!

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