Make Your Dream Home the Reality with PEGGY HOAG REAL ESTATE

from the editor

In my mid-twenties, I dreamt of owning land that would feed my soul: Land on a river in the country with wide open spaces, sunshine, and long sight lines. I wanted to live there full time and watch the sun rise and set on the river. I decided that real estate would be the vehicle to realizing my dream.

I found my land six years later; it was exactly what I had dreamt about. Now I had to turn it into my home. At first that home was two wall tents; The frequent wind was not my friend. Then the spring was developed, the first grape vines planted, the road graveled, a well drilled, and electricity installed.

Progress slowed through the 2008-2011 real estate downturn, but my vision stayed clear and strong. It was during this time that I finally built a small home on my land.

What I learned during my 23-year journey sculpted who I was, yet I still believed my dream of living on my land full time was in the distant future. However, when the uncertainties of 2020 arrived, I decided to move onto my land.

To my surprise and joy, I am able to run my real estate company, swim in the river, walk the vineyard, and watch the sun rise and set over the river every night. Now I manage my company while also thriving personally.

This is the beautiful pearl that has come to me from this challenging time. Now I am living the dream I always thought was in the future.

I want you to be able to do the same.

Peggy Hoag

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